Peace Journalist of the Week

 The Peace Journalist of the Week features the Peace Journalist that has reported a local or community-led peace initiative or has used lessons and tools from the PJ workshop to cover violence and its effects on society and individuals.

Olanruwaju Timonthy   , The Sun NG 

Olanruwaju Timonthy, The Sun NG 

Olanruwaju Timothy, Senior Correspondent with The Sun Newspaper is our Peace Journalist of the week.

The Story

Malnutrition persists in Borno IDP camps

We asked him a few questions.

PJN: Briefly describe how you used the Matloff technique in your last story?

I explained what I intended to do to my interviewee; namely a story to highlight the challenges of victims displaced by Boko Haram who are living outside refugee camps. The mission is to draw the attention of the authority to respond to their challenges as it is doing for those in officially recognised camps. I asked for their consent whether or not they will like to be named in the report.

PJN: Was the technique useful to you and your interviewee?

Yes very useful including other training from Dart Centre Workshop materials from the AUN/American Embassy workshop.

PJN: How did your interviewee respond?

The interviewee were very forthcoming in recalling their escapade, pains and anguish fleeing their communities.

PJN:Tell us briefly about your interviewee?

My interviewee are victims of Boko Haram attacks, mostly low income earners from local communities.

PJN: Would you recommend this technique to your colleagues?

Sure, I will recommend the techniques to colleagues.