Peace Journalist of the Week

 The Peace Journalist of the Week features the Peace Journalist that has reported a local or community-led peace initiative or has used lessons and tools from the PJ workshop to cover violence and its effects on society and individuals.

Ibanga Isine  , Premium Times NG 

Ibanga Isine, Premium Times NG 

Ibanga Isine, Senior Correspondent with Premium Times is our Peace Journalist of the week.

The Story

INVESTIGATION: Ethnic war looms as herdsmen intensify bloody campaign in Benue

We asked him a few questions.

PJN: Briefly describe how you used the Matloff technique in your last story?

I never pretended to understand what they went through and still going through but rather allowed them express themselves freely and respected their anger when it busted. By asking them, “What happened on the day the herdsmen invaded your community,” “What were you doing at the time?” “How many people were killed and how did you escape?” etc, the people spoke freely and I got a mental picture of what happened.

PJN: Was the technique useful to you and your interviewee?

Mrs. Judith’s technique was very useful and helped calm and reassure my interviewee. It made them trust me enough to open up and speak about their experiences.

PJN: How did your interviewee respond?

The interviewees were relaxed, cooperative and satisfied at the time I ended the interview

PJN:Tell us briefly about your interviewee ?

I interviewed the Governor of Benue State, Samaul Ortom, who told me how the herdsmen invaded and took over his expansive farm in Guma Local Government Area of the state. Even as governor, Mr. Ortom was as helpless as any other citizen of the state as the herdsmen are still occupying his farm just like other people in the state.

 I spoke with the Paramount Ruler of Logo Local Government Area, Jimmy Memme, who exploded with anger over seeming neglect of the people by the Nigerian Government. He gave me an account of how the herdsmen invaded and still invading communities in the area and pleaded with me not to move beyond a certain area in the council to avoid running into rhe herdsmen’s ambush.

The leader of the Movement Against Fulani Occupation, Dave Ogbole, forced tears from my eyes when he rendered the pains of the people in a beautiful prose as shown in the report.

PJN: Would you recommend this technique to your colleagues?

I strongly recommend the technique to every reporter or editor who is into conflict reporting.

Ibanga Isine is a 2015 recipient of  CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year Award (News Impact category).